Easy Rasgulla Recipe|Rosgulla Recipe at Home| Begali Sweet Dish

Easy Rasgulla Recipe|kesari  Rasgulla recipe| Bengali Sweet DishIndian Sweet Dish|Chenna Rasgulla Recipe


Rasgulla is one of the most common sweet dishes in India It is origin in Bengal also a popular name of this sweet dish Bengali Sweet know as Rosogulla everyone loves this sweet dish it is very soft and spongy today I am sharing with you Keshari Rasgulla Recipe in an easy way if you are new in cooking so please follow my recipe step by step for best result I know Rasgulla recipe looking very easy but it is a little bit tricky for making Rasgulla spongy so without further delay, let's get to start this Bengali Sweet dish recipe at home. so we don't need to buy this Rasgulla from the market. today I am teaching you market-style Secret Recipe of Rasgulla.

What is Rasgulla?
Rasgulla is a famous sweet dessert which is come from Bengal it is prepared using sugar and  Indian cottage cheese(chenna) or using lemon this recipe is prepared by curdling the milk make small balls of chenna and pour in the hot sugar syrup it is a mouth-watering sweet dessert most popular in India in West Bengal Rasgulla also know as ROSOGULLA in Bengal every festival made this sweet dessert at everyone home in Odisha also this is very famous in Puri Jagannath temple  this is prepared for as a prasad in temple

Preparation time:30minutes
Cooking Time:20 minutes
Total time:50 minutes
Vegetarian Dish: Sweet dessert
Main Ingredients sugar milk and lemon
Author: Manisha

Before Staring of a recipe I am sharing with you few tips making Rasgulla perfect and spongy


Q1 How to make Rasgulla Spongy?
Ans: Always take row milk for making Rasgulla and prefer COW milk for preparing better chenna.

Q2.How long knead chenna?
Ans: Kneed a chenna for 20 to 25 minutes using palm and make Cheena smother

Q3. How to make Sugar Syrup of Rasgulla?
Ans: Always keep maintain the ratio 1/3 if you take one cup water so pour 3 cups of sugar in water for making perfect sugar syrup.

Step by Step Process of Making Rasgulla

  • 1leter Milk
  • Sugar 3  cup
  • water 1glass
  • Rosewater(optional)
  • Saffron leaves /Kesar(optional)
  • Lemon juice
  • 3 Cardamom pods
Rasgulla Dough Process

  •  turn on the gas flame Take milk in a pot heat it slightly adds little lemon juice to it stir milk with the help of a spatula.
  • if milk does not curdle add little more lemon juice stir until the milk curdles
  • after milk is a curdled turn of the flam and rest for 1 minute.
  •  add one more pot and curdle milk keep in cotton cloth add water in curdling milk this process do for 2 or 3 times for removing acidic flavour after that chenna keep aside for 30 minutes in cotton cloth.
  • Now Chenna is ready to bring in the plate and knead with the help of palm and make a smooth dough knead for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • when the dough is smooth made small balls now Rasgulla  balls ready for cook
 Sugar Syrup Step by step:-
turn on the flam place water in one pot and add sugar boil for 15 to 20 minutes and stir the sugar until sugar is not melted then pour the Rasgulla in hot sugar syrup

  • cook for 20 minutes for checking Rasgulla is cooked or not take a 1 glass chilled water and drop one Rasgulla if Rasgulla is deeply dropped so Rasgulla is prepared after 20 minutes turn of the flam add the saffron and cardamom 

  • enjoy Rasgulla hot or chiiled

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